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【After the reception desk, please be seated in the waiting room.】

  Please fill in the form/questionnaire.
  Available in Japanese, English and Chinese.

【Once notified, please proceed to the treatment room.】

  1.Diagnostic process:

       Please explain to us your request.
        ・ Limitations on your treatment
        ・ Costs
        ・ Limited days for treatment


       Examination of oral cavity
        ・ X-Rsy
        ・ Taking a Diagnostic Cast
        ・ Taking photographs of the oral cavity

       Depending on the situation, there may be several or only a few
       diagnostic processes and examinations.


       After examination and with the provided data, we will explain the
       current situation and future diagnosis to the patient. Depending
       on the situation, we can also advise you to a hospital
       or University Hospital dental center.


       If the patient is suffering from irritation or soreness, he/she will
       be given immediate priority. We will take all your request and
       proceed as your best comfort.

      -Decayed Teeth-
Decayed Teeth False teeth Wite teeth Silverteeth


      -Artificial Aooth-
Full Denture Partial Denture,conus Artificial Denture Falese Teeth All Ceramic Crown bridge Metal Bonded Crown Implants

  Depending on your regular visits we will examine your oral cavity fo check-up
  consisting tarter control, attentive issues, etc for maintaining a healthy life.